About Carneo

Carneo is the largest independent asset management group in the Nordics. The group consists of a selection of top-tier investment firms, focusing on active as well as alternative investments. 


Carneo was founded by the Swedish Private Equity company Altor in 2016, as C WorldWide and Carnegie Fonder were brought together under the Carneo umbrella. Since then Holberg, as well as Nordic Cross and Alternative Solutions have been added to the group.


Active and Alternative

Carneo’s affiliates offer a wide range of high-quality asset management solutions, whether you are looking to invest in traditional or alternative asset classes. 

Top-tier Asset Managers

Carneo is a one-stop shop for Nordic asset management investors. Our clients get bespoke access to top-tier asset managers in traditional long only and alternative asset classes.

A sustainable mindset is not an option. It’s a must.

As the largest independent asset management group in the Nordics Carneo has a great responsibility and we constantly strive to include and improve the sustainability perspective in all aspects of our business.

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