Our Affiliates

Unique and independent boutiques

The most successful investment management firms are characterised by an entrepreneurial mind-set, where good ideas can always be put into action. By retaining each of our boutique firms' distinct investment approach and culture, along with its own operative autonomy and decision-making authority, we can preserve these key aspects which we believe is essential to success.

Together we are strong

Each investment boutique we house, with its distinct investment philosophy, culture and approach, is able to focus on what they do best while leveraging shared assets and services that facilitate a scalable business and support reduced fund management costs. By bringing together such a diverse array of specialist competence we seek more stable results and earnings across various market and economic conditions. Another reason we believe our independent boutiques are stronger together.

Ownership equals motivation and stability

Investment professionals should have meaningful ownership in their firms. This aligns their interests with those of their clients and creates motivated and stable investment teams. All our boutiques have ownership by investment managers and key staff.