C Worldwide

C WorldWide Asset Management was founded in 1986 with the idea of searching the world for the best stocks.

C WorldWide offers independent, world-class asset management capabilities for institutional clients, as well as a few selected external distribution channels. 

Since the beginning, C WorldWide has been committed to delivering long-term value and growth to their clients by analyzing investments and opportunities through a global lens. 

C WorldWide’s vision has always been to be one of the world’s best equity-focused asset management boutiques, specializing in lasting investments through global insights.  Based on experience, C WorldWide believes that a focused investment model with carefully selected stocks and small decision teams gives the best results in the long term. 

C WorldWide’s objective is to offer a handful of superior portfolio management products focused primarily on international equities and based on a structured and focused investment strategy. The clients are typically professional investors and C WorldWide’s aim is to establish long-term value added relationships. 

The product range includes discretionary asset management services as well as mutual fund products. Clients are mainly institutional investors and external distribution channels. The Nordics is the home market, comprising approximately two-thirds of the assets. However, the ambition is to become globally recognized.

SEK 230 bn.

Assets under Management



Bo Knudsen

CEO C WorldWide

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