Optimized Portfolio Management

Optimized Portfolio Management (OPM) was founded in 2003 with the idea to offer actively managed funds in global alternative investments.

In addition, OPM has also developed proprietary methodologies and technologies for efficient portfolio construction, inspired by US endowment funds. 

OPM has a clear ambition to act as a positive force of change for increased social responsibility and awareness within the financial community and has a fully integrated SRI process with the clear aim of adding return and reducing risk.

OPM’s investment philosophy is fundamental and analysis-driven. It is based on four cornerstones: Portfolio theory, systematic decision criteria, innovation and long-term. OPM’s funds are managed with an overall objective to offer products with high risk-adjusted return in combination with low systematic correlation with equity and bond markets. The funds are optimized to function as a complement to traditional portfolios and contribute to improving the efficiency of the entire portfolio. 

SEK 4 bn.

Assets under Management



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