Carnegie Fonder

Carnegie Fonder specializes in equity funds, mixed funds and fixed-income funds. Founded in 1988, Carnegie Fonder has over 30 years of investment experience. 

Carnegie Fonder invests in value companies. Value companies have sustainable businesses, strong balance sheets and attractive dividend opportunities. Carnegie Fonder does their own analysis, and only invest in companies that they highly believe in, and simply not because it is included in an index. 

All Carnegie Fonder’s funds are actively managed, and the company invests in a limited number of undervalued and attractive securities that they have great confidence in. Carnegie Fonder’s investment philosophy has historically produced significant returns on investment and highly competitive performance compared to competing fund managers. All Carnegie Fonder’s funds employ the same overall management philosophy: Focused value management. 

The objective of Caregie Fonder’s fund management is to generate good risk-adjusted returns over an investment cycle. Carnegie Fonder is convinced that the best outcome is accomplished by investing in attractively priced businesses that are well run, have a strong competitive positing, good prospects and a high return on equity. 

SEK 104bn.

Assets under Management



Andreas Uller

CEO Carnegie Fonder

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