Active Asset Management

The investment managers at Carneo’s affiliates have one overall objective – to deliver alpha to individual and institutional investors by capitalizing on market inefficiencies in a responsible way.

They have the ability to see behind quarterly reports and conduct deep and thorough market analysis when making their investment decisions. By choosing to invest in one of Carneo’s actively managed funds clients have the opportunity to choose both investment focus and exactly whom they entrust their savings.   

Genuine active investment management is the best way to generate superior risk-adjusted returns over the long term. Active managers who outperform passive (after fees) are individuals with the right skills and experience in combination with team stability and a clear investment strategy.

Carneo has gathered some of the most knowledgeable and talented high conviction, high alpha asset managers in the Nordic region within the Carneo group. These individuals have a proven track-record, the right conditions and the incentives to outperform passive over time. We encourage our teams to continue to focus on what they do best, while provided the shared services and support they need.

Affiliates providing active asset management

Investments in financial instruments are associated with risk and past performance is no guarantee of future returns. An investment can rise or fall in value and as an investor you may fail to recover invested capital.