Alternative Asset Management

At Carneo we have a wide range of alternative assets working as complement to traditional long only products. Private Equity, Venture Capital, Real Estate and Infrastructure to name a few.

These assets provide additional sources of return and diversifying elements to a portfolio. Prominent endowments, such as Harvard and Yale have invested heavily in alternatives since the 80’s and the return speaks for itself.

Alternative investing is often depicted as earmarked for an exclusive crowd. However, at Carneo we offer bespoke alternative investment solutions for every type of investor.

Affiliates Providing Alternative Asset Management Solutions


For any questions or enquiries about alternative asset management solutions, please contact:

Roger Johanson

Head of Alternatives

+46 70 620 94 51

Investments in financial instruments are associated with risk and past performance is no guarantee of future returns. An investment can rise or fall in value and as an investor you may fail to recover invested capital.