CAAM Fund Services

CAAM Fund Services AB is a wholly owned subsidiary that support primarily Carneo affiliates Optimized Portfolio Management (OPM), Nordic Cross and Alternative Solutions with administration and infrastructure.

CAAM Fund Services holds a number of permits from Finansinspektionen and stand under the supervision of the authority ( CAAM Fund Services is the possessor of following permits:

Tillstånd för en AIF-förvaltare att ta emot medel med redovisningsskyldighet.

Tillstånd till fondverksamhet enligt LAIF

Diskretionär portföljförvaltning av investeringsportföljer

Fondstrategi för Fond-i-fond-fonder

Diskretionär portföljförvaltning avseende finansiella instrument.

Tillstånd till fondverksamhet enligt lagen om investeringsfonder.

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Management and Board of Directors

Andreas Uller is acting CEO of CAAM Fund Services and is responsible for the daily operations. He is appointed by the Board of Directors, which is the supreme governing body and liable from a regulatory perspective. Susanne Aavik is Deputy CEO of CAAM Fund Services.

The Board of Directors consists out of the following members:

Viveka Ekberg (Chairman)
Former CEO of PP Pension Försäkringsförening and Executive Director Morgan Stanley Investment Management

Karin Burgaz
Certified Leadership Developer

Christoffer Folkebo
CEO, Carneo

John Blomberg
CFO, Carneo


For any questions or enquiries about CAAM Fund Services, please contact: