Caram (Carnegie Affiliated Managers) extends the group through the acquisition of Optimized Portfolio Management

On May 9th 2017 Caram finalized the acquisition of Optimized Portfolio Management (OPM) from Carnegie Investment Bank and adds yet another affiliate to the group. OPM is managed by the founder and CEO, Simon Reinius, who will continue as CEO and co-owner.

"I believe that this will be positive both for OPM and for our customers", says Simon Reinius, CEO and co-owner of OPM. "By being part of a significant asset management group we will be able to harness synergies whilst, at the same time the Caram multi-boutique structure allows us to keep our independence and identity. It feels like coming home".

Caram’s affiliates are Carnegie Fonder, C WorldWide (previously Carnegie Asset Management), Nordic Cross Asset Management and Caram Investment Solutions. Through the acquisition of OPM Caram will increase their presence in the segment of alternative investments, which is identified as an important growth sector by the group.

"OPM has an impressive track record and is at the technical forefront of the industry", Arne Lindman, Chairman of the Board of Caram comments. "Their fund OPM Listed Private Equity has generated a return of 17.5% annually for the last five years, which is a fantastic accomplishment. OPM is also very knowledgeable in the art and science of portfolio construction and will be able to add much to the group through their competence in this area. Our ambition is to attract this type of talent to Caram and I believe they are excited by Caram’s business model and approach – an ownership in their own company that fosters stability and incentivises performance, and the possibility to be independent at the same time as being part of a large, diversified group".

OPM has SEK 4 billion in Asset under Management and six employees. OPM will continue to operate as an independent company within the Caram group.